WELCOME - To our New Website - officially launched June, 2022
... a view to die for
When you want a relaxing drive into the Perth Hills from the city
.... come visit us and discover this gem in the jarrah
Pickering Brook - Information Bay
This is our new Information Bay – situated on Pickering Brook Road just past Canning Road turn off
Railway Heritage Trail
Winter Wonderland
The beauty of the Brook in it's shroud of late Autumn (May 2021)
A Home Amongst The Gum Trees
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…  the link to our ‘OLD WEBSITE’  pickeringbrookheritagegroup.com – has been closed and it has become obsolete

Welcome to the Pickering Brook Heritage
Group Website


Dear Viewers,

Welcome to our exciting new website.

Thank you for taking the time to browse and visit the website.  We sincerely hope that you will be inspired, informed and successful in discovering your family stories and history.

We are excited and enthusiastic about the upgrade to the website which will give you, the viewers, the ability to search for a topic of interest or just to browse and ponder over the hard work and development of our districts.

We are a small, “not for profit”, group of volunteers working very hard to preserve and retain the history of our area and surrounds.  We believe that our history is an integral part of who we are and how we manage our heritage for our children, grandchildren and the generations to follow.

From the early beginnings as a Timber and Railway settlement through to Freehold land and agriculture development we have tried to present you, the public, with a comprehensive history of the district and surrounding areas.

As a group we are now focusing on a new direction for the 2022/2023 year with our interest in showcasing the history of the district to the many visitors to the area. As part of this initiative we have established an Information Bay situated at the entrance into Pickering Brook, giving all visitors the chance to explore the points of interest in our area. 

Long lost family members, old time friends or even classmates that have lost contact with one another are some of the wonderful reports that we have received from our visitors.  If you feel that the information you have found on our website has been “rewarding and exciting” then we are satisfied that our work has not been in vain.

If you are interested in history and preserving the remarkable stories of the pioneers and early families, we would love to have you join us and become part of our active and connected community of volunteers working towards the same end – to preserve and retain our history.

Please contact us if you would like any further information about the group.

Please enjoy your time exploring the history of our area.

Beverley Giumelli