The Pickering Brook Heritage Group Committee



A descendant of one of the first Italian families in the district, Beverley has a strong commitment to preserving the history and was a foundation member of the Pickering Brook Heritage Group. She has continued her involvement since that original formation meeting in 1994. Born in 1946, Beverley has 5 grown children and 14 grandchildren. Coming from a close family background and with her elderly mother Rose living with her, the family home is described as "Central Station" with the continual coming and going of family members. She wouldn't have it any other way though. For many years she operated a Real Estate business and still retains her Real estate licence today. In 1992 Beverley was elected as councillor of the East Ward (Rural Sector) of the Kalamunda Shire with a strong focus on supporting and retaining the fruit industry in Western Australia. She served as a councillor for a 10 year period, and finally resigning in 2002. She enjoys traveling with her partner Jim and frequently visits Ledge Point and Hopetoun.



Ray's Grandfather settled in Pickering Brook around 1927 having come from Calabria, Italy, in 1924. His family have been here ever since. His Dad was a WWII veteran. Ray was educated at the local catholic school (which closed many years ago) and was the last intake of students to Graduate with the Leaving Certificate at Kalamunda High School. Two days after his final high school exams, Ray commenced a very successful career in retail, quickly rising to senior management by the age of 21. After studies in Sales and Marketing he was offered an area managerial opportunity, which took him to most towns in WA and a stint in Victoria. After 26 years, Ray decided to set up his own successful gardening business. He is an award winning photographer and is also currently writing a novel. The book will focus on the human element including historical facts, humour and his reflections of the world changes in his lifetime. Ray feels honoured to be the Research Officer, which will combine his love for history, writing and photography to commence a new book, based on growing up in the Perth Hills.




Rebecca LAMONT


Rebecca represents the next generation interested in local history. Born and bred in the Perth Hills she values the connection with her family heritage from Pickering Brook. She is in the Education sector and has taught in various locations across the WA including remote Aboriginal communities school, wheatbelt towns, and Perth Metro Schools including local schools in the Kalamunda Shire. Currently, she is teaching in a local school. Over the years, Rebecca has been actively involved in P&C Associations and sporting clubs. Her roles have included President, Vice-President, Secretary, Executive and Committee member. Whilst travelling she had the pleasure of visiting relatives and places of her heritage in Italy and England. This deepened the respect and pride she always had had for her courageous pioneering forefathers and mothers. It fanned a greater appreciation of Australia’s rich heritage and a desire to be actively involved in recording its culture. Conversing and listening to the history of people is a growing interest. Recording the oral histories of families in the Pickering Brook area is the skill she has started to develop. She enjoys spending time with her husband, Steve and two daughters, family, friends, church community, the Arts, bushwalking, birdwatching and travelling.



Maxwell and Edna Vallis moved to Lesmurdie in February 1946. In 1960 David was born, the youngest of seven children. Having spent all his life in the Kalamunda Shire he has seen the area develop greatly. He attended Mary Mount's College in Gooseberry Hill and then onto Kalamunda High School. Having completed a welding trade he worked at the Kalamunda Shire from 1982 till 1989 doing road building, maintenance and Ranger Services. In 1988 he married the late Franceas Guzzomi and they settled in Pickering Brook where he started an earthmoving business. They had two children, Angelo born in 1990 and Olivia born in 1994. History is David's passion and in 1987/88 he served on the Committee of the Falls Farm Reconstruction Project in Lesmurdie. David has readily offered his services to the Pickering Brook Heritage Group on many occasions such as Open Days and Anzac Days. He prepared the site for the first heritage shed that was erected in 2008 and prepared the site for the recent heritage shed that was erected in 2016.

Stephanie O'MEAGHER


The O’MEAGHER Family came to Karragullen in the early 1900’s when Stephanie’s grandfather John Henry Sargeant O’MEAGHER took up land there. The family orchard ‘Omeo Orchard’ is still operated by his grandsons. Stephanie’s father was born in Karragullen and after he returned from WWII he set up his own timber mill ‘Omeo Case Supply’ with the help of his father and brothers. Jack O’Meagher supplied some of the Pickering Brook orchardists with timber for their fruit packing cases. He was the president of the Pickering Brook RSL for many years and a member of the Pickering Brook Golf Club in its early years. Joyce O’Meagher, Stephanie’s mother came to Australia in 1945 as a ‘War Bride’ from England and lived in Karragullen all her adult life. She played golf at the Pickering Brook Golf Course in the 1960’s and was a formidable player. Both Jack & Joyce O’Meagher had many good and lasting friends in the Pickering Brook district. In the early days before the railway line was closed they would catch the train from Karragullen station to Kalamunda then go down the Zig Zag on the train to Perth and return the same way. Stephanie was born in Karragullen and was educated at the same primary school (Karragullen Primary School) as her father Jack attended in the 1920’s. High school was as a boarder at St Brigid’s College in Lesmurdie from 1964-1966. In 1970 she commenced employment at the Kalamunda Shire (in the old building on Canning Road) and after 42 years she again is working for the Kalamunda Shire and is eagerly looking forward to taking her retirement from Local Government in the next 1-2 years – full circle in her working career. This will enable her to continue her story writing and history researching and sharing. Stephanie is very proud of her heritage and has a wonderful collection of old and precious items carefully collected by her mother and father and descendants over a 100 year period. Her home is fondly referred to as ‘The Museum’ by friends and visitors as there is a ‘story’ to be told about the contents of every carefully labeled box and about every photograph or piece of memorabilia that adorns the walls or that is stored decoratively in her old world charm home. Stephanie, like other committee members has developed a passion for the history. Not only of her own family and family properties and businesses but also in the area of genealogy and her passion is her collection of family photographs and information about her descendants and their lives and stories is driven. Her father Jack shared his special knowledge of the timber industry with her before his death in 1999 and some of Stephanie’s most treasured memories of her father was accompanying him on his bush runs along old railway formation deep in the Dale forest area and seeking out the old saw mill sites and timber logging sidings that he remember working at as a young teenager. The more Stephanie learns about her family and surrounding district history the more she desperately wants to know, before access to the information disappears and family members pass on. She is very excited about joining the Committee of the Pickering Brook Heritage Group and has much to offer along the journey of history preservation with and for the Pickering Brook Heritage Society. Stephanie also brings a creative flare to the group with her artistic talent and computer adventurousness and knowledge. She also brings to the group her own knowledge of the districts of both Karragullen and Pickering Brook.





COMMITTEE MEMBER and Helper Extraordinaire

Jim has spent his whole life living in Pickering Brook where he ran the original family orchard until his retirement in 2004. Jim still remains as a resident of Pickering Brook and is committed to retaining the history of the area that his father helped to carve. He Joined the Pickering Brook Heritage Group at its commencement in 1994 because "the boss" (Beverley) told him to. Describes himself as a bit of a gypsy because he enjoys travelling with no particular plans or ties. Just get up and go where-ever it takes you. He enjoys fishing and caravanning. Likes just about everything about Pickering Brook. He has spent all of his life there so it must be a good place. His father arrived in Pickering Brook in 1929 to commence developing an orchard property at the end of Merrivale Road. In 1938 he got married and his wife joined him on the orchard and in the following years they had two sons, Bill and Jim. Jim was born in 1946 at King Edward Hospital in Subiaco. Jim enjoys his retirement with his partner Beverley. They share many great times together because they have similar interests.



Peter has lived a very active life since he was born at Kununoppin in 1941. Been a Poultry and Deer farmer of about 50 years. He was the founder of the Deer Industry in Western Australia, is currently Chairman of Golden Eggs and has been a continuous member of the Egg Industry for 32 years. Founder of Triple A Egg Farms in 1996 and they now have 70% of West Australian egg production under their banner. Government beauocrats, red tape and b-lls-it are things he cannot stand. Although now "retired" he would like to continue doing what he is currently doing. He enjoys the challenge of new opportunities, being involved in the local community, the church and the egg industry. Peter has just recently returned from the north-west having spent time working with the "Toadbusters" in their fight to stop the cane toads entering Western Australia. He moved to Pickering Brook in 1975 and joined the Pickering Brook Heritage Group in 1996. He has a fascination about local history and supports endeavours to preserve it. He has had a long time interest in Aviculture and has a collection of birds, including Pheasants etc. He has 3 children and 4 step children and 12 grandchildren. Has been past President of the Pickering Brook Sports Club and continues to live in Pickering Brook. The friendliness of the people and the general atmosphere, are the things Peter enjoys about Pickering Brook. He looks forward to waking up every morning, as every day is another day to enjoy and experience.



Maria was born in Osborne Park where she lived for four years before her family moved to an orchard in Roleystone. She lived and worked on her family’s orchard until she married Bert. It was then Maria first lived in Pickering Brook between 1975 and 1979 before moving back to Roleystone for 16 years again working on her family’s orchard whilst raising a young family. Maria and Bert moved back to Pickering Brook with their two teenage boys when Bert purchased the orchard from his late father. These days with most of the fruit trees gone Maria enjoys spending time caring for her five grandchildren. Maria enjoys how living in Pickering Brook allows her to be close to the bush.


Pickering Brook Heritage Group

Past distinguished Committee Members

Helen ROSS

I was born in Pickering Brook and attended the Primary School. An inaugural Heritage Group member and recently retired secretary after twenty years. Married with three children, one of whom often helped with functions. I intend assisting the Heritage Group for as long as I can.



Unfortunately, Silio has now passed away, however, the committee would like to keep his memory alive by retaining the following information about him, which is set out below. Thank you, Silio, for your contribution to the community.

Arrived in Australia from Italy, with his mother in 1936 and met his father for the first time at ten years of age. His father had established an orchard and vegetable market garden at Canning Mills before sending for his family to join him. Silio attended school at Canning Mills and quickly became involved with the running of the orchard when his father, Dante was interned during World War 11 by the Australia Government. Because of his Italian background he was classified as an "Enemy Alien" and was removed from their property leaving his wife and children to survive by themselves. Silio lived in the district till 1980 when he semi-retired with his wife to live in Lesmurdie. He has always felt attached to the hills, enjoys the openness and room for bush walking. He is married with three grown children. His family continues to work their successful orchard at Canning Mills. Joined the Pickering Brook Heritage Group in 2008 because of his interest in the area and feeling a strong need that the endeavours of the early pioneers should be recognised, remembered and preserved. Enjoys Bowls, fishing, gardening and holidays up north. He puts up with most things including his wife's arguing, however he tends to let a lot of things "go straight past to the wicketkeeper" as they say. His greatest achievements have been his involvement in the fruit industry, and the development and progression of the district. In 2002 he was awarded a Karragullen Pioneers Medal in recognition of his efforts. He would like to continue working, and also being involved in both the Pickering Brook Heritage Group and the fruit industry.