Anzac Day 2013

The Pickering Brook Heritage Group conducted an dawn ANZAC DAY service at new Pickering Brook War Memorial on Thursday the 25th April, 2013. A large crowd, estimated to be over 200, filled the car park by 5.30a.m. for a 6p.m. start.

The flag attendants, Joseph Hall and Hayden Della France raised the flag and lowered it to half-mast just prior to the 6 O’clock start. Introduction was conducted by Neil Tuffin who did an excellent job with Susan Della Franca controlling the sound equipment.


New Generation Veterans

Local resident and Minister of the Roleystone Parish, Rev. Lesley Borowitzka led the prayer and reading. Former Head Boy of the Pickering Brook Primary School, Luke Gava, read the poem “New Generation Veterans”.

We honour our old veterans, we honour them with pride and read of all the horrors they have carried deep inside. We know they served in Asia or New Guinea’s highland rains, Vietnam or in Africa where many men were slain.

We know that fateful landing on Gallipoli’s dark shore, wherever Aussies fought, we know there are so many more, but now a new young generation needs our help as well, they too have been to War and suffer with their private hell.

Though losses are not classed as great their fears are just the same those electronic hidden bombs, still injure, kill or maim. They fight against an enemy they find so hard to see who mingle in the market place, then cause much tragedy.

Insurgents in Afghanistan hide in the rough terrain or roaming in Iraq, where, wearing robes they look the same. The suicide stealth bombers, don’t care who they hurt or kill, then, with their own beliefs, they try to break our forces will.

I know on ANZAC DAY, we all remember with a tear, but all vets young and old, they need our help throughout the year, support and listen to their stories, when they do get told, let’s honour our new veterans both young and old.

The Address was given Jerry Hemy, former Sergeant in the Royal Australian Air Force. It was a detailed address that was very moving for those that attended.

Official Wreaths were laid by;

Emilio Furfaro and George Spriggs on behalf of the Pickering Brook Community.

Geoff Stallard and John Gardina on behalf of the Shire of Kalamunda.

Head Girl Neeka Martin and Head Boy Jordan Matthew Altinier on behalf of the Pickering Brook Primary School.

This was followed by private family wreaths being laid by the Furfaro Family, Stephanie O’Meagher and others. Many spriggs of Rosemary were placed in remembrance.

The Ode was presented by Peter Newing followed by The Last Post and 1 minutes silence. During this you could hear a pin drop except for the chorus by the Kookaburras following by the Magpies wobbling and climaxed with the crowing of a Rooster. Praise was given the our President Beverley Giumelli for her organising but no-one could work out how she had organised these bush salutes.

The playing of the National Anthem concluded the official service which was following by everyone socialising and joining in Tea and Coffee and Bacon & Egg rolls.

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