Anzac Day 2019

Soldiers On Guard

After approaching the Department of Veterans Affair we were given a grant towards the cost of installing two “Soldiers on Guard” steel cut-outs each side of the flagpole at our War Memorial.

A huge thank you to the volunteers that helped with the installation and lighting of these additions.

DAVE VALLIS for supervision and siteworks.

PETER DELLA POLLINA for the Electrical work and lights.

STEPHEN DELLA FRANCA for the concreting.

The installation was completed just two days prior the Anzac Day. The lights were turned to great excitement on the Tuesday Night. The result was just outstanding and now completes the War Memorial. The effect of the lights is truly amazing and is far above our expectation.

Anzac Day 2019

An estimated crowd of over 300 gathered in the early hours of the morning waiting for the service to start at 6 O’clock. The new Soldiers on Guard had been lit up all night and looked fantastic with an additional light shining up the pine trees. It created a real atmosphere in the early morning light.

The Introduction was by Stephen Lamont who welcome everyone for attending and he conducted the rest of the service.

Father Anthony Suresh Kalamunda Catholic Padre led the prayer and reading.

A very emotional address was presented by Returned Serviceman Brian Emmett. He gave a talk that came from the heart and explained his feeling about the effects that war has on everyone including your own comrades that fought beside you during those conflicts.

The Pickering Brook Primary School Choir gave a fantastic performance singing “I am Australian” in both English and Aborigine Language.

The Deputy Headgirl, Charlotte Hulcup and Deputy Headboy, Connor Muijs, gave the School Address.

The Flag attendants, James Winch-Buist and Catheryn Alford
performed a fantastic job.

Laying of the wreaths was carried out while the Pickering Brook School Choir sang in the background.


Reference: Article: Pickering Brook Heritage Group