Anzac Day 2020 - Cancelled - COVID19

Anzac Day 2021 - Cancelled - COVID19

Anzac Day 2022

Anzac Day - 25th April, 2022


…. our first Anzac Day with our community after a COVID19 shut down for both 2020 and 2021 Anzac Day dawn services and what a quiet & reflective celebration of memories it was.

Memories, private and personal that each of us took the time to reflect on. We gathered at dawn to show our respect as
individuals and as a community to those who have served this nation in its defence, both past and present.
We stood silently and commemorated all the sacrifices of our young men and women and those, who tragically have
laid down their lives for freedom and democracy and for this glorious country we live in and call our home.

Our flag raisers were the sisters Cloe & Taylah POST.

We are very grateful to Eric RADICE for stepping up to take the role as MC as our usual MC was in isolation due to the
Covid virus.

Fr. Anthony SURESH from the Kalamunda Parish opened our service with the morning pray and reading and this was followed by the Pickering Brook Primary School head boy and girl Liam HULCUP and Jaime WOOD who recited a poem.

Our guest speaker Graeme (Scruffy) SMITH, a Vietnam Veteran, originally a resident of Pickering Brook/Barton’s Mill.
He gave a personal address of his experiences and the importance of mate-ship particularly during difficult times.
Thank you to Scruffy, it is not always easy recalling wartime memories.

Ray FURFARO recited the Ode, very moving to hear.

The last post and revelry rang out over the valleys of the Brook and was heard by many residents who were at home for
various COVID-19 and personal reasons.

It is always moving to hear the Ode and the Bugle sounding and it allows us all to reflect on how lucky we are to live in a
democratic and free country as Australia

Anzac Day 2022

Soldiers on Guard

Ooooops  …..we had it wrong !!

The placement of our Soldiers on Guard’ was incorrect and we were quietly advised that the soldiers were facing inwards to the cenotaph – they needed to be facing outwards from the cenotaph

Our Soldiers on Guard are now in the correct position.  

Our very own handy men, Jim Gordon & David Vallis took on the task of unbolting the secured sheet metal plates and just simply swapped them around to the other side

Did anyone notice the change ?

Old positioning Soldiers on Guard

Anzac Day 2022

Anzac Day 2022

The 'Lone' Pines of the Brook

Anzac Day 2022

Anzac Day 2022

The Attendees

The crowd was light on as Covid19 continued to ravage the country and caution resulted in attendance being low – residents & visitors chose to stay at home rather than risk their health – the bold and the masked though gathered in the early hours of the morning for the 2022 Anzac Day Dawn service.


Reference: Article: Pickering Brook Heritage Group