Heritage Photographic Competition 2013

First Prize Entry by Geordie Cole-Radice

A photographic competition was initiated and sponsored by the Pickering Brook Heritage Group in October 2013 and supported by the Pickering Brook Primary School. Photos had to be taken by the students and had to be related to the heritage of the area. Owing to the interest it created and the quality of the entries this will now become an annual event. Judging was by a professional photographer who was very impressed by the standard of the entries. This made the judging very hard, but there could only be one winner.

The winner entry was taken by Geordie Cole-Radice from Year 5 of an old Metter’s stove in the ruins of an old house on one of the earliest orchard properties in the district. It received high praise from the judge.

The winning entry and prize giving was announced at the Karragullen Expo. Unfortunately Geordie was not able to be there but the trophy was presented by the President of the Pickering Heritage Group, Beverley Giumelli, and accepted on Geordie’s behalf.

Geordie Cole-Radice Year 5

“I took the picture at Due Jolly Winery, Merrivale Road, Pickering Brook. I took this photo as we were trying to think of somethingto do and I came up with the Metters stove. My Dad went to that house when he was little for afternoon tea with the old lady that lived there.”

Taylor Mercy Year 5

“I live near the bush where the old car was. I was inspired to take it as no-one knew about it as it is in my bush where no-one goes to and it’s my secret to share only with you.”

Matthew Hibbert-Jones Year 7

“The area I chose was Pickering Brook because it reminds you that there has been hundreds of great people who lived here and they all have there own story to tell.”

Anais Folland Year 7

“I chose to take this photo at a Pickering Brook packing shed because I thought it would make a good photo.”

Gareth Edmonds Year 6

“Pickering Brook Golf Course is a big piece of Pickering Brook history.”

Jessi Fernie Year 6

“I chose my photo because I like how the blossom frames the house (which is about 90 years old).”

Niamh Tester Year 5

I took this photo on Mundaring Weir Road. I think it is some sort of lawn cutter. I thought it was a very good thing to go to the area. I was very happy with my photo. I wanted to win but the one that won deserved it.”

Madaleine Stewart Year 7

“I took this photo on Merrivale Road because we were going for a walk along this road and I heard running water. I never knew that there was running water near this road so I looked around and found the water. I took a picture of it because I thought it was pretty.”

Joshua Johnson Year 5

“I took my photo at the Pickering Brook Sawmill. I think it was a combustion engine. I took the picture because the sawmill is a piece of Pickering Brook Heritage.”

Kimberely Johnson Year 7

“I wanted to take this picture as it is my backyard.”

Bailey Holdsworth Year 5

“I took this picture in Pickering Brook because I thought it would be fun and I would be able to see lots of cool things.”

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