Heritage Photographic Competition 2014

Although this years competition had very few entries, the standard of the photography was fantastic. A lot of thought had gone into the composition and angle of the shots. Particularly Jessica’s which was created with her lying on the ground in the middle of the road to get the perfect view she wanted. She had the rest of the family standing guard on the road either end to warn of any traffic approaching. She is to be commended on her foresight to get the image that won her first place in this years competition. Congratulations on a fantastic shot of this historic cobbled roadway that is now under threat of road widening. The Pickering Brook Heritage Group is heavily involved in discussions to try to avoid this historic site being bulldozed.

This is a picture of the gorgeous old cobblestone road in Karragullen. Alongside the historical road is the new Canning Mills Road, and either side are some beautiful native trees and shrubs. This picture represents a natural environment, a historical site and progress can live in harmony. This picture shows just because we want progress it doesn’t mean we have to pave over our natural environment or the history within the old road.


References: Article: Pickering Brook Heritage Group

Images: As referenced above