Mac Beard's 80th Birthday 2011

Well known respected Pickering Brook identity Malcolm (Mac) Beard celebrated his eightieth birthday on Sunday 11th September. Over 350 friends and relatives of this popular character partied on till the surprise finale of fireworks arranged by his sons.His wife Pam, did a magnificent job of organising the catering and everyone was adequately looked after. A request of no presents was respected by all but one person who arrived by tractor carrying a pallet load of scrap metal with a “birthday wish” painted on the 44 gallon drum. Mac who deals in scrap metal appreciated the sentiments. Among the many old residents who attended were: Sylvia Smith (nee Roads) 95yrs, Rose Giumelli (nee Sala Tenna) 91yrs, Verna Telfer 89yrs, Eileen Evans (nee Curtis) 89yrs, Joyce Hudson (nee Curtis) 88yrs, George & Daphne Spriggs 87yrs, Molly Weston (nee Green) 87yrs, Joan Hine (nee Brown) 83yrs, Fay Curtis (nee Gibbs) 82yrs, Flo Chapman (nee Roads) 79yrs. This party brought together one of the largest gatherings of the community ever. Mac’s “thankyou speech” was up to his usual standard and his special way with words, interspersed with a few unrepeatables.


Attached below is a Poem especially written for Mac’s 80th Birthday by his cousins, Helen & Peter Skehan. Mac has a nickname – “Dooley”.

To Malcolm

It’s hard to believe the time has come
To celebrate with our special one
Since Cousin Dooley’s turning eighty
We’ll turn our attention to matters weighty

For one who seemed a feisty lad
Our dear old Mac hasn’t turned out bad
When anyone looks to be in need
Mac’s the one who’s a friend indeed

When he drove the kids to school in the bus
He did it all without much fuss
But who was it when the kids got wet
Rounded up some shelters to be on the route set

Though life seemed determined to make him pay
Mac was prepared to work every day
When misfortune led to a broken leg
Mac was determined never to beg

With support from friend and caring rellies
Our lad proved wrong all those nervous rellies
A carrier’s round he ventured to start
And a future path he managed to chart

With an eye for a bargain (but not for the girls?)
Mac’s language at times would make your hair curl!
But despite his adjectives being quite fruity
Any tale that he tells will be a beauty

He once burnt his fingers (and also his thumb)
Was it something to do with petrol drums?
And you wouldn’t believe he could have such luck
With goodies that fell off the back of a truck

Now all of us who have been part of his life
Know Mac has been blessed with a wonderful wife
With Pam by his side Mac has been able
To gather a dynasty around his table

With Trevor and Gary and don’t forget Sue
Mac has a family we all call true blue
With Daughters-in-law and an in-law son
His kids produced grandies second to none

And as more generations add onto the clan
We really can say that Mac is the Man
For Mac is our cousin and also our mate
The love that we hold will never abate

So Dooley we wish you a wonderful day
And hope you enjoy your 80th Birthday

Happy 80th Mac
with special love

Cousin Sal, Peter and family
September 11, 2011

Reference: Article: Pickering Brook Heritage Group
Poem Helen & Peter Skehan

Images: 1 Beard Family
2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Gordon Freegard