Moving the Heritage Buildings

(Chapel and Cell Block)

The closure of the Barton’s Mill Prison opened up a window of opportunity for the Pickering Brook Heritage Group. On-going discussions and negotiations between the Ministry of Justice and CALM resulted in the re-location of the Solitary Confinement Block, later converted to the Prison Chapel to the original site of the Carilla Hall.

Later the group was successful in obtaining one of the cell blocks from the prison site and this was transported to the Heritage Park, it now sits alongside the Prison Chapel. The time, effort and money needed to re-locate and establish the buildings on the site were significant and it is important for us to remember the contribution made by the community.

The Kalamunda Shire played an important part in the process. Firstly, by granting the Pickering Brook Heritage Group the right to use the reserve for community purpose and secondly, by assisting the group with a grant to renovate the buildings. Their contribution has been of great benefit to the community and they should be commended for their foresight.

The Chapel Was Moved to the Heritage Park on Saturday 8th November 1997

It is however, important to remember those people who assisted in the formation of the Heritage Park and the transportation of the heritage building…

We Pay Tribute To;

The Ministry of Justice Donation of buildings

David Godbold Founding President

Beverley Giumelli (Millar) President

Rod Hitchins Re-location of the Chapel (donation of time and staff)

Vin & Millie Sala Tenna Endless dedication

Mac Beard For his noise and hard work

Jim Gordon Fossicking for old machinery

Peter and Mary Newing Endless energy

Mary Gava

Helen Ross Minute taking and bookwork

Pam Beard wonderful cups of tea and cake

Peter Fantuz Clearing and boring holes for building

Peter Giumelli Stump setting for building

Trevor Beard For his bobcat

WA Limestone Gravel donation for shed

Ray Pollock

Tony Vincenti

Ernie Bechelli Sign

Lou and Margaret Radice Machinery

Charles and Joan Della Franca

The Cell Block Was Shifted and Added to the Heritage Park in April 1998


An artifact from Pickering Brook’s old prison site has been granted a pardon by a group of local residents. Pickering Brook Heritage Group, headed by Kalamunda Shire councilor Beverley Giumelli (Miller), has freed an original cell house from the disused Barton’s Mill Prison. The prison closed 10 years ago and is now gradually being demolished to make way for revegetation of the area by the Department Conservation and Land Management. Cr. Millar said it was important an element of the prison was preserved because the low security facility had been a significant part of Pickering Brook’s history for more than 40 years. The group had recently saved the old prison chapel and moved it to a shire reserve beside the local primary school, after years of negotiations with the Ministry of Justice. Cr. Millar said the cell house was another win for the group, and the small timber and asbestos structure would be transported to the same reserve. “We wanted to replace Carilla Hall, which was demolished by council in the 1980’s, with a significant, historic building.” she said. “and after three years of trying we got the chapel. Now we want an original cell block so we can form a small complex that will create a tourism attraction.” Pickering Brook Heritage Group member and local identity Vin Sala Tenna said many of the local residents had grown up with prisoners living near the town. He said they were often allowed into the town and had caused no strife. Cr. Millar said the group would restore the cell, which had original jarrah floorboards, to its original condition and consider using it as a meeting place.