ALTINIER Antonio (Tony)

The Family of:  Antonio (Tony) ALTINIER

Edited – September 2022


1913 – Antonio ALTINIER was born in Codogne in the Province of Treviso, Venice.


1930 – Tony arrived in Western Australia at the age of 17.
His first job was at a market garden in Wanneroo where he worked hard for a number of years.


1934 – Tony heard that land was being sold through the Agricultural Bank (now Bankwest) in the area of Pickering Brook,
where he purchased a block of land in Bracken Road.
The land was still a bush block and worked hard to clear his land, mainly by hand and with a horse.
He planted fruit trees as the main produce, but before the crops could bear fruit he planted vegetables.


1939 – Tony decided that it was probably time to find a wife and so wrote a letter with photos to a girl he had known in his village, Regina CODOGNOTTO.

Regina accepted his proposal and they were married by proxy that same year.

Tony’s brother-in-law and Regina’s father stood as proxies. They renewed their wedding vows when Rina’ arrived in Western Australia.

Photograph: The young ALTINIER family
Louis, Rina, Robert and Tony


1940 – Regina (Rina), which she preferred, arrived in Western Australia. On arriving at Pickering Brook, she found life was hard, but worked tirelessly alongside her husband. Rina’s jobs consisted of milking their cow and making butter and cheese. Rina also helped with growing and picking of vegetables. Washing was done at the creek with homemade soap. There was tap water in their house but Rina preferred the creek as she felt that it cleaned the clothes better.


1941 – Tony & Rina’s first son, Louis was born.


1947 – Their second son, Robert, was born six years later.  


1952 – Tony sponsored Emilio and Giovanna FANTUZ with their children Corrado (Peter) and Angela (Gina) to come to Western Australia to start a new life. The FANTUZ family eventually purchased a property in Merrivale Road, Pickering Brook.

Tony loved his game of bocce and Sunday afternoons would find him with other locals in the bushy area on Charlie DELLA FRANCA’s property playing bocce. Tony’s love of bocce transferred to lawn bowls at the local Pickering Brook Sports Club, where he was a champion player.

Rina loved cooking at which she excelled and shared with their family and friends.


1964 – Louis – married Angela (Gina) FANTUZ at Lourdes Monastery, Lesmurdie and they have three children, Sylvia, Danny and Adrian.

Sylvia – married Terry VAN GRONINGEN and they have two children, Brett and Jodi.

Adrian – married Danielle JENKINS and they have four children, Jade, Jordan, Tyson and Brooke.


1980 – Sadly, Gina’s mother, Giovanna FANTUZ passed away.


1988 – Gina lost her father, Emelio FANTUZ.
Rina also lost her beloved husband Tony.


1997 – Rina passed away

The Family Property

Tony and Rina’s three sons, Louis, Robert and Danny continue to run the original family property in Pickering Brook.