Beard Bert and Alice

Len & William Hewison

William worked as an office clerk at Barton’s Mill.

In 1915 they purchased the Pickering Brook Store from the Lindley family.

Mrs. Hewison traveled to Perth monthly to pay her suppliers bills.

They had four children. Robert, Alice (Beard), Doris (Catchpole, Gray), Florence (Owen).


The Hewisons purchased a Ford Model “T” Truck to do the deliveries from the store.

Prior to this the delivery round was done by horse and sulky, three times a week.

Alice Hewison’s parents offered her the store when they became too ill to continue. Alice and Bert Beard ran the store from 1943 to 1959.

Alice with two of her children. This photo was taken at the entrance to the old Pickering Brook Club.

The 16th Battalion Cameron Highland Pipe Band performing in front of Beard’s Store in 1958 during the Annual Carnival Celebration.

Bert Beard often took his daughter Lyn (now Poletti) on the delivery round with him. Halfway round they stopped for lunch at Aunty Anne Weston’s house. c1945

Lynette with her sisters Pamela and Jenny at the local watering hole at the back of the old club bushland area.

Lynette aged about 14 years with her sisters age about 9.

Bert and Alice were always active in the community.

With their family business, interactive with the community
from the General Store and on their deliveries.

Involved in the Sports Club and in the local dances
held at the Carilla Hall.