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James Edward Holroyd

James Edward Holroyd with his brother John Henry Holroyd both migrated from England to Australia in 1909. They arrived at Fremantle on the 12th August, 1909 on the ‘OTWAY’. Their intention was to go farming.


They bought a house in Gosnells where the High School now stands. During their stay in Gosnells, the Methodist people had heard that James was a Minister of their faith before leaving England and eventually talked James into carrying on his work here in Australia. James was given a Parish in Laverton. During his time in Laverton Julia wanted to join James in Australia with the children but James advised that Laverton was no place for them. Eventually, James was transferred to Norseman where he had the opportunity to send for Julia, Marion and Stanley to come to Australia, leaving Maud, Annie Ernest and George in England.

Julia and the two children, Marion and Stanley arrived at Fremantle on the 18th May 1911 on the ‘PAKEHA’. Marion at the age of 85 years could still remember the red double breasted dress with gold buttons and the knee-hi boots that she was wearing when she landed at Norseman station. They caught 2 trains, one from Perth to Kalgoorlie and one from Kalgoorlie to Norseman. James, Julia, Marion and Stan (the two youngest of their children) spent many years travelling from town to town doing Church work thru Coolgardie, Koolyanobbing, Dumbleyung and down as far as Esperance by camel and sulky.

Maud with her daughter Elsie 2 years, Annie, Ernest, George Holroyd, and Mary Sutcliffe aged 41 arrived at Fremantle on the 23rd November 1912 on the ‘BELGIC’.

Maud, Annie, Ernest and George Holroyd lived on Gosnells with John (James’ brother) and his wife Bertha. Marion was sent to Gosnells at the age of 14 years where she lived until she married Roby Helliwell in approximately 1922.

When World War I started John, Ernest and George joined the armed forces from 1914-1918. They were discharged in 1919 where they returned to Gosnells.

After the end of WWI in 1920 Ernest and George return home to Australia.


In 1924 George and Ernest bought a block of land in Pickering Brook from the Weston family under the “Return Soldiers Settlement Scheme”.

Reverend Holroyd worked as “Household Missionary” travelling in his camel driven sulky around Laverton, Norseman, Goomalling and surrounding areas.

James, Julia and Stanley continued travelling, going to Goomalling in 1915, Korelocking from 1919 to 1922. Julia and two of their children (Marion and Stanley) joined James in his work as “Household Missionary”. On their return in 1925 James, Julia and Stanley went to Pickering Brook and lived with George and Ernest in their house.

George and Ernest never married and continued to work hard living in Pickering Brook.

Stanley the youngest of the Holroyd children married Helen Rimmer who worked at the Pickering Brook store, they had 10 children and the family continues on from there.

John Henry Holroyd

John Henry Holroyd with his brother James Edward Holroyd both migrated from England to Australia in 1909. They arrived at Fremantle on the 12th August, 1909 on the ‘OTWAY’.

John and James bought a house in Gosnells where the high schooled now stands, with the intention of farming.

John and James lived there until James was given work as Household Missionary for the Methodist Church in Mt. Morgan/ Laverton in 1910.

John lived on until James wife Julia and their two youngest children Marion and Stanley came out in 1911.

In 1912 the rest of the family, Maud, Annie, Ernest, George and Julia’s sister Mary Ellen came to stay.

John’s Service Records states the following:

He was in Suez Alexandria 26th January, 1916

Hospital/Measles 30th April, 1919

Transferred to 51st Battalion 20th May, 1916

Embarked Alexandria 7th June, 1916

Disembarked Marseilles 14th June, 1916

Admitted – Influenza 3rd March, 1917

Embarked for England (Bologne) 11th April, 1917

Rejoined Unit 1st September 1917

Appointed Lance Corporal 4th May, 1918

Lance/Corporal returned to Australia on

Konegan Louise ex England, 21st June 1919.

John married Bertha Ingham on 1st September 1918 in England. John moved back to England and lived at 41 Brixton Road, Preston with his wife Bertha and took up a farm hand job.

Later he moved back to Gosnells house and his brother James and family moved to the Holroyd farm in Pickering Brook.

Some years later John and his wife moved back to England in Preston where he died.

Mary Ellen Sutcliffe (Nee Binns)

Born in 1986, Horse Godly, Bark island, Nr Halifax, Yorkshire, England.

Married, widowed and lost only child (daughter) assumed before she came Australia.

Mary Ellen came to Australia from England on the ship “BELGIC’ on 23rd November, 1912 age 41 years.

Mary Ellen travelled to Australia with Maud and Maud’s 2 year old daughter, Elsie together with Annie, Ernest and George Holroyd.

Sometime later Mary Ellen married John Rimmer (Helen Rimmer’s grandfather). John Rimmer died in 1937 and Mary Ellen died in 1946.

After James Edward Holroyd died Mary Ellen moved back to Pickering Brook to stay with Julia, Ernest and George. Mary Ellen became ill after having a stroke and Julia became bedridden due to illness. George became their main carer.

Mary Ellen died before Julia.

Maud Mitchell

First child of Julie Ann and George Mitchell (Julia’s first marriage)

Born in 1889, England. Died 23rd September, 1983, Karrakatta, WA.

Maud married Mr Charter in England; they had 1 child Elsie, born in England.

In 1912 Maud came to Australia on the ship “BELGIC” with her daughter, Elsie and her sister Annie and her brothers Ernest and George, arriving at Fremantle on the 23rd November 1912.


In 1918 Maud married Wilfred Ernest Heys. 1881 – 1956, aged 75 years.

Maud and Wilfred had two children – Jack and Jim.

JACK – deceased 1937, 12 years.

JIM – deceased 1985 Rebaul, New Guinea

Elise married John Hendry – they had 2 children – Peggy and John

(PEGGY) Margaret (born 1930) married Roland Hall
– they had two children – Lynley and Rosalyn

JOHN (born 1945) married Janice
– they had three children – Karl, Tanya and Brett
John had a career in the navy leaving as a Lieutenant.

Maud and Wilfred lived in Kalgoorlie for many years visiting Pickering Brook regularly.

Annie Elizabeth Holroyd

Annie was born in 1892, England. Died 26th October, 1966, Karrakatta WA.

Annie married Ernest Camp (born 1886), England. Ernest died 1973, Karrakatta WA.

Annie and Ernest had two children – George & Dorothy.

GEORGE married Connie – they had two children – Ron and Alan, then adopted David and June Allen, who is George’s only daughter (twin died)

DOROTHY married John Golding – they have four children.
Betty, Gary, Bob and Carol.

Ernest Wright Holroyd

Born, 4th October 1893, Greet land Halifax, England. Died: 8th June, 1980

Ernest had a twin brother who drowned at the age of 6 years.

Ernest came to Australia in 1912 at the age of 18 years arriving at Fremantle on the 23rd November 1912 on the ‘BELGIC’. He lived in Gosnells until he started work in Donnybrook.

1912 – 1914 Ernest was cutting sleepers with a broadaxe in the forest of
Donnybrook and Mullalyup.

1915 On the 18th January 1915 at the age of 21 Ernest enlisted into the
armed forces for World War I and sent to Gallipoli.

He was discharged on the 20th December 1918 from war injuries.

1920 – 1921 Ernest worked for the SEC (State Electricity Commission) as a labourer. He lost his left index finger while working there.

1922 – 1942 Ernest worked at the State Quarries in Boya as a labourer.

At the age of 21 Ernest enlisted into the armed forces for World War I and sent to Gallipoli.


Regimental Number 1819
Religion Methodist
Occupation Sleeper Hewer
Marital Status Single
Age at Embarkation 21
Next of Kin Father, James Edward Holroyd, Gosnells,
Western Australia
Enlistment Date 18th January 1915
Rank on Enlistment Private
Unit Name 16th Battalion 4th Reinforcement
AWM Embarkation Roll Number 23/33/2
Embarkation Details Unit embarked from Fremantle, Western Australia
on board HMAT A8 “Argyllshire” on 19th April 1915
Rank from Nominal Roll Private
Unit from Nominal Roll A.I.F. 16th Battalion
Fate Returned to Australia 31st October 1915
Other Details Sent to Gallipoli
Discharge Date 20th December 1918

George Henry Holroyd

Born, 24th August, 1899, Greet land Halifax, England. Died: 8th September, 1979

George arrived with Ernest in 1912 at the age of 24 years arriving at Fremantle on the 23rd November 1912 on the ‘BELGIC’. He also lived in Gosnells.

1916 In 1916 at the age of 18 George enlisted into the A.I.F. for World War I and embarked for the 18th Re-enforcement, 28th Battalion, in “The Light Horse”. George was first sent to England then onto France. George was “Wounded in Action” with the 28th Battalion in France on the 5th October 1918. He returned home to Australia on the “Nestor” on the 31st December 1918 and was discharged on the 21st February, 1919 in Perth.

George had many skills and had a lot of experience in plumbing. He also worked at Miling in the wheat belt sinking dams.

1922 – 1924 George he worked at the State quarries in Boya labouring with his brother Ernest.

1924 George and Ernest purchased 21 acres in Pickering Brook from the Weston’s under the “Return Soldier Settlement Scheme” it is now heritage listed and known as the Holroyd House.

They grew fruit trees and had a packing shed on the property. George and Ernest with the help of their father James Edward build the Holroyd house. The iron for the roof was brought from England; this iron is still on the roof today.

1934 George helped build a saw mill with his brother Stan in Wharf Street, Cannington.


Regimental Number 6329
Religion Methodist
Occupation Blacksmith
Marital Status Single
Age of Embarkation 18
Next of Kin Father, James Edward Holroyd, Gosnells,
Western Australia
Enlistment Date 4th September 1916
Rank on Enlistment Private
Unit Name 28th Battalion, Light Horse, 18th Reinforcement
AWM Embarkation Roll Number 23/45/3
Embarkation Details Unit embarked from Fremantle, Western Australia,
on board HMAT A34 “Persic” on 29th December 1916
Rank from Nominal Roll Private
Unit from Nominal Roll 28th Battalion
Fate Returned to Australia 12th December 1918
Other Details War Service; Western Front
Sent to England then to France
Discharge Date 21st February 1919


When George was working at the quarry at Boya, he met a couple Mr & Mrs Loughton and Ms May Smith. (May was employed to clean the houses at the quarry).

George worked a week and went home on weekends to work on the property. The Kalamunda train was his main transport.

When Mrs Loughton got very ill and died the Quarry closed down. Mr Loughton and May had nowhere to go, George asked whether they would like to come and stay with them, they accepted this offer and stayed on. Mr Loughton became ill and sometime later died. May Smith stayed on with George and Ernest.

George and Ernest had sold their property to Mr Alex Giumelli on the condition that they were to live in the house until they died. May Smith the cleaner was also to live in the house until she was ready to move on or died, whichever came first. The property became heritage listed.

In 1979 George died and in 1980 Ernest died. Later on May Smith moved into Valencia Nursing Home in Carmel and later passed away at the Kalamunda hospital. May was the last of her family as her younger sister and brother pre-deceased her in Melbourne, none were married.

A newspaper article from The West Australian dated January 5, 1959 stated “Fell down a well at 60 – but he can still smile”. This article is of George and his accident when he fell in an old well.

After the end of WWI in 1919 Ernest and George return home to Australia.

Ernest and George purchased a block of land from the Weston’s in 1924 where they built the existing home.

In 1925 James and Julia with one of their other sons joined Ernest and George in Pickering Brook.

Pictured below is a recent view of the Holroyd home taken from Pickering Brook Road.

Please note the large tree to the right hand side of the house, which is a Rhododendron planted when George and Ernest first lived in this house.

The road that runs at the front of the property was named in honour of Ernest and George Holroyd.

Marion Holroyd

Marion was born in 1904, England. Died 29th April, 1993, Karrakatta, WA.

Marion married Roby (Bob) Helliwell (born?) Died 29th July 1961, Karrakatta. WA

Marion and Roby married in 1922 and they lived in Cottesloe. Roby later built his own house in North Perth where they both lived for the rest of their lives.

This story is taken from a book on the Helliwell family. During one of his outings, Bob met Marion (daughter of James and Julia Holroyd of Subiaco). They were married on 22nd April, 1922 at the Methodist Church, Subiaco. Some time after their marriage, they moved to a house in Griver Street, Cottesloe, even closer to the beach than Bob’s home in Stuart Street and they remained there until Bob arranged to have a house built in Emerson Street, North Perth. There was a rubbish dumping area not far from their home and Bob spend many house collecting and cleaning beer and milk bottles and crates which could be returned to the industry. Bob was a great collector and loved making articles from scrap wood and salvage collected from rubbish tips. It is said he made enough money from his hobby to pay for an overseas holiday for himself and Marion.

Bob and Marion had two children, Joyce and Robert; they derived great pleasure from their family. Bob was a friendly fellow who enjoyed the company of his family and friends and his wife Marion was an active person, interested in everything around her, being one of the first women in Perth to drive a car. She was often called upon to drive Bob’s father Isaac to doctor’s appointments and other family members. They had many wonderful outings.

Bob became ill and was admitted as a returned serviceman to Hollywood Repatriation Hospital, where he died aged 67 years.

Marion remained active in charity work still living in the house in Emerson Street until she died aged 92. She outlived both her children but has left grandchildren to preserve the story of their grandfather.

Stanley Holroyd

Stanley was born 14th June 1907, Yorkshire, England.

Died 21st August, 1995, Bridgetown, WA

Stanley travelled to Australia with his mother Julia and his sister Marion on the ship ‘PAKEHA’, arriving at Fremantle on the 18th May, 1911.

Stanley spent most of his early years travelling around the country areas with his father, Reverend James Edward and his mother Julia in a camel and sulky doing “Home Missionary” work.

Stanley was the youngest child of James Edward and Julia Holroyd.

After Stanley left school in 4th standard he started a job in Perth in a photographic shop.

When the house in Pickering Brook was completed Stanley moved in with his Uncles George and Ernest.

Stanley and Helen met when Helen was working at the local shop in Pickering Brook, they later married.

Helen Irene Rimmer was born on the 4th December 1908 and died on the 16th March, 1975


They lived for a while in a room built for them on the Holroyd house. Later they moved to Victoria Park and then to Wharf Street, Cannington.

Before Stanley met Helen he became a professional cyclist, road and track competition. Stanley had ridden from Beverley to Perth for which he had received a medal. He did his track racing on the original track at Midland Junction.

Stan took vegetables and fruit down to Perth markets via the Bickley Road. He also cut firewood and delivered it down in the Perth area.

Stan had a wood yard in Cannington form any years but eventually they both moved on to Gosnells and then to North Perth and from there to Bridgetown. Both Stanley and Helen died in Bridgetown, WA.

Stanley and Helen had ten children

IRENE Lived only 12 hours

ELIZABETH ELSIE Died May, 1942, hit by a vehicle on Albany Highway, Cannington, at the front the school.

WILLIAM EDWARD (Bill) 11th March, 1930. Married Leslie Joy Griffiths in 1953. They had 4 children: Shirley, James, Rodney, Judith.

ERNEST WILFRED (Fred) 25th April, 1931. Married Peggy Irene Pearce on 26th September 1953. They had 3 children: Betty, Laurie, Pamela.

STANLEY JOHN 23rd February, 1933

IRENE MAY 23rd November, 1934

GEORGE NORMAN 23rd September 1938. Died 10th April, 2005

PHILLIS ELAINE 6th August, 1941

KATHLEEN HELEN 14th January, 1944. Died 11th October, 1998

MARJORIE JULIA. 27th February, 1945