Pickering Brook Junction - Commemorative Plaque

Unveilded - 25 November 2022

Pickering Brook Junction

Pickering Brook Junction was where the railway divided into a line to
Canning Mills and Karragullen and a logging train line to Barton’s Mill,
8 miles east of Pickering Brook, hence the use of the term ‘Junction’.

Train movements were controlled by down, home and assistant signals.
The Junction involved a triangular layout, which provided turning facilities
for locomotives.

The Station had a low level platform and goods shed.


This is the Pickering Brook plaque indicator. 

The Signage 'Partnership' Group

To the above partners, we extend grateful thanks.

This is the site of the new Commemorative Plaque

The Story

The EBike group lead by Peter Kenyon is a sub group of the Kalamunda Seniors hub.
This Ebike group rides every Saturday morning usually following the railway track to Pickering Brook.
One of their favourite stopping points for a chat and morning coffee is at our local Bean2Brook Café.

The local railway lines and stories inspired them to raise money to place plaques/signs on all the railway stations and sidings
from Kalamunda to Canning Mills to commemorate the early pioneers and the famous Zig Zag railway line to the hills of Perth

Two sites were chosen for the erection of the first sings, Pickering Brook and Walliston.
Pickering Brook was an important station at the in the early days and times as it was the only ‘junction’ along the line.
also, at the Pickering Brook Junction the timber train travelled on to Barton’s Mill and the passenger line turned towards
Canning Mills and Karragullen.

We are grateful to all the parties who are involved in this important heritage signage project and to the City of Kalamunda for their dedication to heritage.  As a token of gratitude, the Pickering Brook Heritage Group Inc. held a morning tea celebration to mark the occasion with the Mayor of the City of Kalamunda officially launching the site.

Sincere thanks to Peter Kenyon for his tireless energy, Jenny Lewis for her committee at the Kalamunda Historical Society and to the wonderful team at the Pickering Brook Heritage Group for their voluntary work and for their famous morning tea spreads and nosh ups.

Thank you also to the staff at the City of Kalamunda for their research and design and to Josh Yates from Smart Colour Designs.



The 'CREATIVE' Team:

Organisation and Co-Ordination, Graphics & Design to Production

Plaque Design & Graphics by City of Kalamunda 

Nichole O’NEIL – Public Relations Officer


Nicole O'NEIL


Plaque Manufacture by Smart Colour Designs


The Unveiling - 26 November 2022

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All References and/or Articles:      by Pickering Brook Heritage Group Inc

All Images:     by Pickering Brook Heritage Group Inc