Railway Snipitts

Late one evening Mrs Littlely was on the train to Karragullen. She was the only passenger in the single passenger carriage that night. Busily knitting she was unaware to the things that were about to happen.
When the locomotive pulled into Pickering Brook Station it had to turn around so it was on the correct end of the train when heading back to Midland. Although the train was terminating at Karragullen, it had to do the turn-around at Pickering Brook which had a triangle rail formation especially for that purpose. It would then push the only passenger carriage to Karragullen where it would connect to the goods carriages and would then pull the completed train back to Midland, as it was now facing the correct way.
All sounds good but it did not go quite as planned.
Arriving at the Pickering Brook triangle the Single Passenger Carriage was uncoupled and left whilst the Locomotive continue to transverse the triangle so it would be facing the correct way when it eventually arrived at Karragullen. However whilst doing this exercise the driver noticed the lights of the passenger coach moving downhill through the forest on the rail line towards Karragullen. Obviously the brakes had not done their job as the coach started to gather speed on the downhill run. Mrs. Littlely continuing with her knitting was completely unaware of the danger she was in.
Not to be deterred, the driver quickly finished the turnaround and headed off after the passenger coach. Traveling quite fast it finally caught up with it and giving it a gentle nudge coupled on and continued steaming on to Karragullen as though nothing had happened.
Alighting from the passenger carriage, Mrs. Littlely commented “it was a very quick trip tonight, Driver”, still completely unaware of the scenario that had just unfolded. The Driver agreed with her comment but did not elaborate.

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