Carinyah Forestry Settlement

Research by Gordon Freegard

CARINYAH – Aboriginal for “Happy Home”

Dozens of spot mills and smaller cutters operated in the area between Canning Mill and Barton’s Mill in Pickering Brook. They spang up and thrived until either the contacts were filled or suitable timber ran out. It was then that they were moved to a new site and everything started all over again. This cycle happened continually with full sized mills and spots mills popping up all through the forest areas. In October 1883 regulation were gazetted requiring all timber cutters to be registered. After the creation of the Forest Department in 1895 the supervision of all cutters was done by forest rangers.

Plan Showing Layout of Smailes' Mill

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The main market for the timber produced was for railway sleepers, supplying contracts for Railway Companies in India, New Zealand and the Eastern States of Australia. Tram Lines were at that time, being laid in Perth and Fremantle and it was common practice to use Jarrah blocks as a foundation

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