V.D.C. Servicemen

V.D.C. Servicemen Service Records

Many men and women from Pickering Brook and the surrounding district, signed up for duty during the Second World War. To acknowledge their commitment to the war effort we have gathered together the service records of all known people that either were born, lived or had a family connection the our district. This consists of 37 Records of men that signed up for the Volunteer Defence Corps. Most of them trained at the Carinyah Forestry Settlement and others elsewhere in the State. Full time Service Records are listed separately on the website. This has been difficult to pull together so if we have missed anyone please contact us and we will gladly amend the list.

2nd Battalion Volunteer Defence Corps
5th Battalion Volunteer Defence Corps
12th Battalion Jarrah Volunteer Defence Corps
13th Moora Battalion Volunteer Defence Corps

Reference: Article: Commonwealth of Australia