Carilla Tennis Club

Research by Gordon Freegard

The Carilla Tennis Club played regularly on Tuesdays on two courts that were built behind the then Carilla Hall. One court was raised higher than the other as shown in this early photo. The embankment supported by a wall three railway sleepers high. There was also a small wooden shed at the rear in which they served afternoon teas and sandwiches. Originally the surface was gravel but in the late 1940’s, Laurie Spriggs and Ted Smailes bitumised the courts. Note the wooden umpires stand and the building in the rear which is Ted Davey’s house containing the manual telephone exchange.

Carilla Tennis Club 1950

Back Row

  1. Doreen Marchetti
  2. Baby Suzanne
  3. Dot Ayliffe
  4. Pat Spriggs
  5. Nell Williams
  6. Trixie Smailes

Middle Row

  1. Anne Weston
  2. Mollie Weston
  3. Mavis Godbold
  4. Nita Niven

Front Row

  1. Bruce Marchetti
  2. Marilyn Weston
  3. Janet Smailes
  4. Bonnie Niven
  5. Ruth Williams
  6. Michael Spriggs
  7. Anne Spriggs