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Listed below is some interesting reading grabbed from an old Pickering Brook Sports Club’s Minutes Book, that was salvaged from a heap of rubbish last year (2018). It covers a six year period between July 1980 and July 1986. It gives an insight into the goings-on behind the scenes of the Club. Some pieces are quite hilarious and will bring on a hearty laugh.


21st July 1980

Ron Walters asked if something could be done about the coin-operated lights in the squash courts, as they are faulty and people are playing for nothing and lights are being left on. George replied that a quote is being obtained to put master switches behind the bar, to be controlled by Bar Staff.

25th July 1980

Charlie Spriggs, the president announced that the Committee proposed to submit the name of Mrs. Bernice Fernie as a Life Member, Vice-President John Grieves rose to speak of Bernice’s 25 years membership and staunch assistance to the Club – her sporting participation with the Golf and Tennis Sections. He had great pleasure in proposing Mrs. Fernie be made a Life Member and this was seconded by Stan Delandgrafft, who concurred with all John’s remarks, and added that Bernice was indeed deserving of this honour. He expressed appreciation of the work of the ladies in the Club also, but there could be only a limited number of Life Members.

The President then spoke in support of the Committee’s proposal, tracing 26 years of Club history during which Alan Fernie has been Treasurer, strongly supported by Bernice. He was delighted that Bernice had been proposed as a candidate for Life Membership and called for a ballot.

The President thanked members for returning office-bearers unopposed – he has been President for 20 years, Vice-President, John Grieves is in his 3rd term, and Alan Fernie has been Treasurer for 26 years. Three Committee Members: Ron Walters, Peter Petrucci and Reg Payne were declared elected.

Those retiring: Barry Shillingford, Stan Delandgrafft and Moya Donnelly.

11th August 1980

John Greives to be permitted to purchase a record or tape (to the approximate value of $7.00) weekly to supplement those already owned by the Club.

10th November 1980

Ron Walters asked about the Club sign to go on the road-side. This has not been picked up from the Signwriter because it is too large to go in a car. John Greives hopes to be able to get it shortly.

17th November 1980

The President also requested a letter be sent to E. Mason regarding the parking in reserved area of the President and Treasurer repeatedly.

8th December 1980

The matter of Member playing two-up in the Club was then raised, and the probable penalties discussed. A suggestion to include a relevant notice in the next Newsletter was rejected. But all agreed that it should be made widely known that immediate suspension would automatically ensue following a breach of the Rules of this kind. The President’s action in writing letters of censure to the five offending Members was endorsed.

9th February 1981

Re Swimming Pool: A Member of the Club took a sample of pool water, without permission, for P H Reading. This will not be tolerated, and if the offence is repeated that Member will be asked to leave the Club.

The President stated that as from next week the price of a glass of beer would go up to 45c, and this, in his own words, was “bad news”.

13th July 1981

Joe asked that the Club purchase a new mower because the grass is very long, and many balls are being lost, owing to the bad condition of the old mower the fairways are not being mowed properly,

28th July 1981

John Grieve spoke for the case of installing a TV in the Games Room to encourage Members to stay longer. He suggested that we hire a colour 26inch from Canberra TV at $6.81 per week. The company are offering a $3.50 per month rebate for a sign above their TV. It was suggested that more quotes be received, and that the Committee would not encourage any advertising.

5th April 1982

Raffle Books. The President suggested that if a Member takes a book he should be responsible for paying the full cost of the book. There was discussion on this point, and some felt that unsold tickets should be able to be returned.

14th June 1982

Moved by Percy Ware, Seconded by Roy Ward that a letter of thanks be written to Alec Robinson acknowledging all the work he does around the Club premises, and informing him of the Committee’s intention to present him with a carton of beer.

9th July 1982

Ron Pegrum was called upon to speak on the proposal of Percy Ware for Life Membership. He spoke of Percy’s 22 or so years dedicated Membership, in which time he has devoted his energy and know-how in a myriad of ways. In the early days of the Club when he was self-employed, he sacrificed an enormous amount of time in the Club’s interest, putting his skills in carpentry, plastering, cementing, etc,, to great use, thereby saving an enormous amount of money. Percy served on the Committee for 8 years straight at one period, and is in his second term at present. He has been on the Golf and Bowls Pennant Teams, also Vice-President of the Golf Section.

Since his employment with the Club as Groundsman his achievements in the high standard of grounds and bowling greens have been praised widely – the greens being second to none in the State..

The President seconded Ron’s proposal. He said that Percy had been a tremendous Member of the Club. He has been employed for more than 10 years; but for the first 10 years he worked as though he was an employed person. It is Percy who was instrumental in achieving the unique rock work which is so much a feature of the Club. He announced with pleasure that Percy Ware had been accepted as a Life Member.

9th August 1982

In regard to the letter from the Golf Section about the destruction of trees. The President pointed out that the damage caused to the mower by the gumnuts, and the raking of these, was so costly that the gum-trees must be removed. But be replaced by other varieties of trees. The Secretary was instructed to write to the Section explaining this, and assuring golfers that those red-gums which could be retained would remain and others replaced.

14th March 1983

The question of advertising was raised by Bob Wright. Brian Gardner Motors had asked Bob whether the Club would mind their advertising at the Club. Bob was unsure, but felt that permanent advertising inside the Club would not be acceptable, whereas outside something along those lines might be undertaken. The Committee asked Bob to speak to Brian Gardner Motors further to ascertain just what they had in mind. It was agreed that a block or something similar would be in order.

8th July 1983

One loan had to be re-negotiated on which the Interest (which had been 6%) is now 14.9%, costing an extra $2,500 to $3,000 per year.

Roy Ward asked about the name on the Alan Fernie Pavilion, and the President replied that Peter Petrucci will make a wooden name sign very shortly.

12th September 1983

John Greives suggested the resumption of meals at the Club on a regular basis. He felt that availability of meals would bring back some trade to the bar.

12th December 1983

Phil Pritchard and Bob Wright to liaise on the matter of paint for the ceiling. A different colour to be used this time, which will disguise smoke staining.

13th February 1984

The President reported on the success of the swimming pool. He said that the hot summer helped, but also the Education Swimming Classes involving Mary’s Mount, Roleystone Primary, Roleystone High, Lesmurdie High and Carmel College were contributing around $400 weekly. This will continue for 5 weeks.

11th June 1984

John reported on the 10th Anniversary Dance. It went very well – nearly 300 in attendance – and he thanked all who helped to get everything ready. Fran Bremner, Lyn Poletti and Freda Wood worked especially hard, and Jill Spriggs made a very good banner for the front of the Clubroom which looked effective. The grills did not sell as well as had been anticipated, but meat was sold the next day with only a small loss.

The Secretary was instructed to write to Bill Nicholls informing him that the children are playing in the old car parked by the tractor shed and damage will be suffered of it if it is left there any longer. They have been throwing stones at the windows and swinging on the doors.

5th September 1984

Letter Drop. If 20 children and 7 adults with cars can be co-opted into participating, 5000 can be delivered in approximately 2 or 3 hours on Sunday morning. The President took a list of names.

11th February 1985

Friday night’s Bowls was becoming too organised, in the opinion of one Committee man, but it was pointed out that in order to promote the game and the night, it is necessary to have organised games, giving new players an opportunity to learn and foster interest.

9th June 1985

The Secretary requested on behalf of A. Giddings that she be reimbursed for the loss of a Tupperware container, on the Pro-Am Day, valued at $16.49.

Life Membership of Amy Giddings. It was resolved that a Committee consisting of Bob Wright, Jock Rollings and Will Eggenhuizen would sound out the feelings of the Club Members’

9th July 1985

Resolved that the Committee should write to the Prisons Board regarding use of Prisoners for Busy Bees for weed control on the oval.

19th July 1985

D. Bullen and P. Ware seconded that Mrs. Jean Higson be accepted as a Life Member of the Club and spoke of her many years of tireless work for the Club and it’s Members, especially the Summer Scroungers. G. Spriggs moved and A. Fernie seconded that Mrs. Amy Giddings be accepted as a Life Member of the Club, and spoke of all Amy’s work in organising Social and Catering Functions. The President then declared that Mrs Jean Higson and Mrs. Amy Giddings had duly been elected as Life Members of the Club.

The President then paid tribute to Mrs. Pat Spriggs, who had retired after four years as Secretary of the Club. George expressed how sadly she would be missed, and thanked Pat with a Fry Pan in appreciation for all the she had done, and wished her well in her retirement.

12th August 1985

Resolved that B. Wright contact Bergers and G. Spriggs contact Colortone re paint for the Prisoners to paint the Alan Fernie Pavilion inside and out.

27th July 1986

Presidents Report. As you read in the recent Newsletter this is to be my final report after some 30 years as your President.

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